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Barrumbi Kids

“Barrumbi Kids”, a 10-episode live action series, will screen on NITV later this year.

Ahead of its premiere, the broadcaster has revealed the young actors who will be making their debut on the show, as well as the seasoned supporting cast.

The show tells the story of two children, Tomias and Dahlia, best friends who are growing up in a remote Northern Territory community, living in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures.

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Villiany - Cast announcement

Prepare to be enchanted and enthralled as you enter the mythical world of timeless evil in the eagerly anticipated new Australian musical, VILLAINY.

Written by the internationally acclaimed writer and composer Craig Christie, the musical will premiere at the MC Showroom, Clifton St, Prahran in Melbourne from November 2nd to November 12th.

VILLAINY features an exceptional ensemble cast, bringing to life some of literature’s most iconic villains in an exciting piece of theatre that will be both thought-provoking and highly entertaining.

The cast includes:

Stephen Mahy as Captain James Hook (Peter Pan)
Chelsea Gibb as Eve (the Wicked Queen from Snow White)
Francesca Arena as Madame Defarge (A Tale of Two Cities)
Karlis Zaid as Jekyll/Hyde (Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde)
Tod Strike as Vlad (Dracula)
Angela Scundi as Drizella (Ugly Step Sister from Cinderella)
Jess Faulkner as Lily

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Miss Saigon | Cameron Mackintosh

"The convincing chemistry between major protagonists Kim (Laurie Cadevida) and Chris (Stephen Mahy standing in for David Harris) demonstrated this very poignantly, with fine acting, and clear, accurate voices. They are amply supported by fabulous performances from Juan Jackson (Chris’s friend John), another fine and powerful tenor, and Leo Tavarro Valdez (The Engineer) full of sleaze, acquisitiveness and ambition."

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'The singing and acting talents of Monique Brynnel, Margaret Haggart, Mary-Jean O'Doherty, Melissa Langton and (as the young Phyllis, Sally, Ben and Buddy) Amy Lehpamer, Gemma-Ashley Kaplan, Chris Durling and Stephen Mahy ensure the highest quality all round in a production that is also well served by the choreography of Dana Jolly and the lighting design of Paul Jackson.'

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Review - Little Women

She’s well supported by stage siblings Octavia Barron-Martin (wholesome Meg), Jodie Harris (studious, doomed Beth) and Erica Lovell (uppity Amy). Trisha Noble oozes warmth and wisdom as Marmee and Judi Connelli is at her imperious best as snobby old Aunt March. Good work too from Phillip Hinton, Hayden Tee, Stephen Mahy, and David Harris.

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Cast shines through flimsy adaptation

Trisha Noble is, well, a noble Marmee, Stephen Mahy rambunctious as Lawrie, Judi Connelli the amusingly overbearing Aunt March, and so on. The show is strongly cast and everyone radiates intense belief in the work.

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Jersey Boys

Stephen Mahy plays songwriter Bob Gaudio with shrewd intelligence and Glaston Toft’s, neat freak, Nick Massi (the Ringo of the group) offers comic relief.

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Jersey Boys - Arts Review

The fall from grace of group founder Tommy DeVito (Scott Johnson) is the most compelling story strand; ever-ignored bassist Nick Massi (Glaston Toft) provides some brilliant comic relief; latecomer Bob Gaudio (Stephen Mahy) quietly turns an unruly group of boys into a worldwide sensation.

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Theatre Review - Jersey Boys

Performances by the leads are brilliant. Toft has perfect timing and a hilariously good accent and Fox shines, just as an actor of Frankie Valli should. The contrast between the innocence Mahy portrays in Gaudio and arrogance Quinn shows in De Vito is also excellent.

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Jersey Boys

Summer is Bobby’s time and Mahy embodies Gaudio’s intelligence, musical talent and charm. Bobby’s incomparable tunes including Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry and Walk Like a Man, launched the band’s career. Mahy is a formidable talent with his Brad Pitt looks, bright, clear vocal tones and acting skill.

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Hitting the high notes in Jersey Boys

The cast comprises four talented performers — Bobby Fox captures the voice and style of diminutive frontman Frankie Valli, Stephen Mahy is a tower of strength as songwriter/vocalist Bob Gaudio, Scott Johnson puts in a fine performance as hustler Tommy De Vito, the bands founder, and Glaston Toft plays Nick Massi.

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Jersey Boys

Stephen Mahy's Bob Gaudio (the group's genius songwriter) is fresh-faced and delightful, while Glaston Toft's jaded bass singer Nick Massi is wry and hilarious. With choreography as sharp as the crease in their trousers and glorious harmonies to boot, these guys could leave the theatre and make a living as a tribute act.

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Jersey Boys Review

The casting here is spot on: Bobby Fox as Frankie Valli takes a convincing journey from naïve kid to charismatic performer, hitting (mostly) all of Valli’s high falsetto notes along the way; Stephen Mahy is a delight as talented and straight-laced songwriter Bob Gaudio; Glaston Toft (originally of Ipswich) plays the humorously obsessive compulsive bass singer Nick Massi, the “Ringo” of the group, so persuasively; and last, but certainly not least, Scott Johnson as hot-heated Italian Tony Devito who gets the group in big trouble is perfection.

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