Making it count

How many times have you sat down at this time of year, written down a few goals, dusted off the silly season with a sweaty gym session and thought ok this year I’m going to nail this? Yet months go by and distractions get on the way. Excuses slip in and another year passes.

After listening to the podcast “The long and the short of it” I resonated with a conversation they were having on this exact topic. Are we already setting ourselves up to fail by writing down our goals and hoping to execute them? What Jen Waldman so cleverly discussed is the premise of instead of making goals,that we make promises to ourselves. I mean think about it. When we make a promise to someone we are more inclined to follow through ( well at least I hope you are ) So why not make those promises to yourself?

Here’s my promise: To be there for others on any shape or form. I’m dedicating myself to help others, perform for others and turn up for others. I promise to listen, pass no judgement, give advise if asked for it, support and give myself whole heartedly.

What’s yours?

Happy New Year