Recently I had a light bulb moment that almost passed me by. I like to hustle and always be busy. I’m a “yes” man and I will take up every opportunity to do something that feels aligned with me. So many of my dreams have come true in my career and now that I’m looking down the barrel of what’s coming next I find myself forgetting about what’s happening right now.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of Australia’s finest talents and it’s wasn’t until recently waiting around the hallways of the Lyric theatre dressing rooms that it hit me what I have right here and right now. Without name dropping my wonderful costar was reminiscing about the good old days and the legacy they had left behind but they reminded me that none of it all matters because we must deal with what is happening now.

What is happening now? Well I booked two jobs with two of my idols in the industry. One being someone I’ve listened to my entire life. In fact it’s the reason I know how to sing and the second is someone who shines the greatest light in Hollywood and Broadway for us all. Now I’m not writing this to gloat but I almost didn’t even bat an eyelid when this happened and thought yep another gig, another month of the mortgage paid. That’s a huge milestone to just let go to the keeper.

Chasing your dream can be down right difficult at times but don’t forget about what is happening right here and now. It could just be the thing that you’re searching for.

Ps If it’s not remember the three C’s. Choice, Chance, Change.